Frequently Asked Questions

Bridal Alteration FAQs:

  • How much will it cost? (Bridal Alterations)

The majority of our alterations fall between $300-900, depending on the extent of work, type of fabric, etc. We will give you a cost estimate in your initial fitting. All initial appointments require a $40 deposit with booking, which will be credited to your overall cost if you choose to proceed with alterations with My Sewing Studio after your initial fitting and booking three to four months before your wedding day.

  • What to bring?  (Bridal Alterations)

Please bring the shoes of the same heel and sole height that you plan to wear to the wedding. It's fine if they are not the final shoes, as long as they are the same height. Keep in mind that having a raised base (i.e. some type of platform) actually can really make a difference in the accuracy of the hem. Any undergarments you are planning to wear should be worn to each fitting, and please always wear underpants to your fitting. Wearing Spanx or bustiers can changes the fit of the dress significantly.

  • When should I schedule my initial fitting?  (Bridal Alterations)

We recommend starting your alterations about  three to four months before the wedding, or for weddings held out of town, the date you will be leaving for the wedding. If you are planning to change your diet, medication, or exercise habits, please do so before your initial consultation, and simply maintain those habits after the initial fitting. We want your dress to look as perfect as possible, and if your body changes in between fittings, it becomes much more difficult. Bridal fabrics are usually quite delicate, and changing our work multiple times can take its toll on them. Any changes made after the initial fitting will be subject to rush fees. There is an Initial fitting fee of $40.

  • When should I book? 

Booking early is recommended to ensure we have time to accommodate you to the best of our abilities,  Evenings and weekends usually book up about a month in advance during the busy season (Feb-October) so try to book early if you have a strict schedule. Please be aware that any due date within eight weeks of your wedding will be charged $80 rush fee per garment, six weeks will be $130, and under four weeks (if we are able to accommodate) will be an additional $180 . 

  • What if I want to customize my gown?

Any work done beyond standard alterations is considered custom work and may take an additional fitting and have a higher price that’s dependent on the extent of work needed. Examples of custom work may be adding new sleeves, creating an illusion neckline, creating a new topper, adding lace or beading detailing to the gown, creating custom veils or capes, etc. Custom work is charged at $65/hr.

General Alterations, Custom Made, Reupholstery and other FAQs :

Details will be provided at your initial consultation.

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